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Winston Peters on how the Flag debate dishonours veterans

Darroch Ball to the Minister for Social Development on Limited Service Volunteers

Big Spending But Promises Hollow

Rt Hon Winston Peters

The Conservatives are spending millions pushing their binding referenda mantra to New Zealanders, but now all is revealed – it is an insincere, scatter-brained attempt to win votes.

Government Ignores Sexual Violence Until Election Year


New Zealand First says the Government’s $10.4 million cash injection over two years for sexual violence services is only electioneering and not a long-term solution.

Time To Do The Sums On Cook Strait Lemon

Rt Hon Winston Peters

Should the Aratere set sail again across Cook Strait? That’s the question KiwiRail must now ask itself, says New Zealand First.

We're Not To Be Fooled About Crime


New Zealanders should not be fooled by Police Minister Anne Tolley, says New Zealand First.

Snapper Cuts Hitting Wrong Target

Rt Hon Winston Peters

The rights of the Kiwi fisher are being dealt a blow today with the reduction in the snapper bag limits by the Government, says New Zealand First.

Migrants Buy Way In On Business Visa

Rt Hon Winston Peters

Migrants will continue to get back-door entry into New Zealand on the back of business visa schemes, despite changes this week, says New Zealand First.

Milk Maid's Explanations Turn Sour

Rt Hon Winston Peters

The Key Government is contaminated with the taint and smell of corruption from Oravida’s milk maid, Minister for Justice Judith Collins, says New Zealand First.