Back To School For Teachers As Novopay Debacle Rolls On

Tracey Martin
Tracey Martin
Sunday, January 27, 2013 - 08:45

Teachers head back to work this coming week with the Novopay nightmare hanging like a bad dream, says New Zealand First Education spokesperson Tracey Martin.

“National’s fix-it man Steven Joyce has been brought in to sort out the debacle, but would he have tolerated this when he was a boss in the private sector?

“Most private companies would not have put up with such an epic failure – heads would have rolled long ago.

“But the Ministry has backed itself into a corner by continuing with a system diagnosed as terminal.

“How can teachers concentrate on teaching children when faced with so much anxiety about whether they’ll have enough money in their bank accounts to pay off Christmas credit card debt or meet mortgage payments.

“You’ve got no choice Mr Joyce – put your best foot forward and give Novopay the boot,” says Ms Martin.