Our Policies and Members' Bills

New Zealand First's full policy manifesto can be found at the bottom of this page.

If the New Zealand economy is to grow sustainably over time, and thereby deliver the social and

New Zealand First will ensure development of a comprehensive New Zealand Transport Strategy to g

Racing in New Zealand directly and indirectly accounts for well over $1.6 billion worth of GDP,


Māori health status remains considerably lower than that of non-Māori across a range of health i

New Zealand First's approach to international relations is tough-minded, independent, and integr

New Zealand First supports the axiom that the defence of the nation is the first responsibility

New Zealand First will promote diverse, innovative and quality programming, including programmes

New Zealand First will consult closely with the Defence Force, the Royal New Zealand Returned an

Local government, as the exercise of democracy at the local level, is a fundamental part of New

What society asks of our public education system continues to change and intensify.

New Zealand First is committed to a rigorous and strictly applied immigration policy that serves

Health is a critical investment in New Zealand's human resource - not a balance sheet item.

New Zealand First takes a strong line on Law and Order.

New Zealand First’s policy recognizes that different policy mixes are needed for regions with di

New Zealand First has an economic policy that will improve the lives of ordinary Kiwis and put N

New Zealand First is committed to empowering senior citizens to remain independent for as long a

New Zealand First believes in the right of all New Zealanders to responsibly hunt, shoot, fish a

Primary industries remain the backbone of New Zealand’s economy, with farming, fisheries, forest

Our country’s natural environment has international significance and is a New Zealand First prio

New Zealand First’s primary objective is to preserve the entitlement of New Zealanders to retire

New Zealand First will take steps to ensure that electricity is delivered to all New Zealanders