Our Policies and Members' Bills

Further updated in the 2014 election campaign.

 New Zealand First has an economic policy that will improve the lives of ordinary Kiwis and put

Maori health and economic status remains significantly lower than that of non-Maori across a ran

New Zealand First’s approach to international relations is tough-minded, independent, and integr

New Zealand’s Defence Force have a proud tradition in fulfilling their responsibilities.

New Zealand First will consult closely with the Defence Force, the Royal New Zealand Returned an

New Zealand First acknowledges the importance of principals, teachers, support staff, parents, b

The importance of investing in the early years of a child’s development is recognised by New Zea

New Zealand First recognises that employment is paramount for shifting from dependence to indepe

New Zealand First believes that Crown royalties, through a Royalties for Regions policy, should

New Zealand First is committed to a rigorous and strictly applied immigration policy that serves

New Zealand First would implement a national strategy for addressing the major health problems t

New Zealand First recognises that the rights of victims are paramount, and that the offender’s r

New Zealand First’s policy recognises that different policy mixes are needed for regions with di

International research shows that for every job created in manufacturing, up to five further job

New Zealand First is committed to empowering senior citizens to remain independent for as long a

New Zealand First believes in the right of all New Zealanders to responsibly hunt, shoot, fish,

New Zealand livestock farmers will face increasing demands to show they are achieving world best

Our country’s natural environment has international significance , and is a New Zealand First pr

New Zealand First’s objective is to preserve the entitlement of New Zealanders to retire and rec

State asset sales have been a swindle perpetrated on the public of New Zealand.