Unemployment is New Zealand’s biggest problem. It is the cause of poverty, despair and creates a permanent social blight. Families with children suffer the most. Successive governments have failed to help create a strong export-based economy. Talented Kiwis are heading to Australia for well-paid jobs because of the lack of opportunities in New Zealand. Urgent action is needed but the Government sits on its hands waiting for the “market” to solve its problems.

Where we've got to
  • Government fails to meet its own job growth targets
  • NZ export sector ignored by Government policy
  • More than 50,000 Kiwis a year fleeing to work in Australia
What's next
  • Promote policy of tax incentives for exporters to create jobs
  • Promote introduction of a community wage for the unemployed
  • Those receiving the wage must in return contribute to the community


New Zealand’s manufacturing and exporting sectors – the main producers of new jobs – have been shrinking at an alarming rate over the past 30 years. In recent years the high Kiwi dollar has severely hampered exporters, manufacturing companies are heading overseas in droves, and unemployment levels have steadily increased.

Why you should care

Work provides not just financial rewards but instils a sense of worth and purpose into our lives. By failing to create jobs the Government has condemned a significant section of society to a life of struggle. The government’s policies have also seen a widening gap between the rich and poor which only adds to the social problems we face.