SuperGold Card

New Zealand First introduced the SuperGold Card in 2007. We have plans to extend the benefits of the SuperGold Card. SuperGold Card holders should each year receive three free visits to their local doctor. Card holders should also be entitled to a 10 per cent discount on their winter power bills from May to October.

Where we've got to
  • SuperGold Card introduced by NZ First in 2007
  • Provides senior citizens with a range of discounts and travel concessions
  • Many seniors are struggling financially and more must be done to help
What's next
  • A NZ First Members Bill to implement the health initiative is in the ballot
  • Draft legislation has also been written for the power discount scheme
  • Pressure on the Government to adopt both schemes will continue


Both the health and power discount schemes were NZ First 2011 election campaign pledges. They would allow financially-stressed SuperGold Card holders to afford to heat their homes in winter, and visit their local GP before illnesses become serious.

Why you should care

Civilised nations care for their elderly. We want to help senior citizens who are unable to afford their power bills and doctors’ visits. Impoverishment of our seniors – our parents and grandparents – is destructive and short-sighted.